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4 Ways Make the Most of a Healthy, Socially Distanced Summer

The cruise to Mexico didn’t quite pan out; the kids’ camp is closed; the grandparents are keeping their physical distance. Summer will undoubtedly look different this year, as we take measures to keep ourselves and our communities safe from COVID-19. But there are still ways to make the most of those long days and hot nights while they last. Here are some ideas on how to stay safe and healthy, while still making the most of summer

  1. Spiff up the backyard or patio. It’s a given that we’re spending more time at home, and for many people, that’s been an incentive to finally complete those DIY projects. The market intelligence firm SimilarWeb reports that Home Depot and Lowe’s both saw increases in online traffic during the first quarter of 2020, with Home Depot visits increasing 13.3 percent and Lowe’s growing 4.9 percent. What better time than now to complete that backyard landscaping project, build that firepit or install festive lighting on the patio? Then, you’ll have the perfect excuse to invite a couple of friends over for a backyard barbecue—keeping your distance, of course.
  2. Eat with the seasons. Berries, peaches, corn, cucumbers, summer squash, vine-ripened tomatoes—there’s no doubt that summer is the tastiest season. Whether you’re growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden, visiting a nearby farm or heading to your local farmer’s market, this is the time to embrace the bounty of your own community. A healthy diet, filled with at least five portions of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, can help boost your immune system, protecting you from viruses, as well as chronic conditions in the long term such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer, according to the World Health Organization. By eating seasonally, you’ll enjoy an ever-changing array of healthy options, while also supporting your local farmers.
  3. Jumpstart your workout routine. The stress of quarantine has resulted in some serious carb-therapy for many of us (have you heard the one about gaining the COVID-19?). But physical activity is important for good health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exercise reduces blood pressure and anxiety. It can also help improve sleep. Summer is a time for walking, running or dancing ourselves back to feeling good. Make it a habit to take long family strolls, explore your town by bike or head to the nearest hiking trails. If it’s too hot outside, try a new virtual yoga or dance class. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from doing the workouts you love. Just be sure to maintain your distance, take your mask along — and enjoy the momentary escape and adrenalin rush that a good workout can bring.
  4. Stay on top of your healthcare needs. For months, healthcare providers have shared anecdotes with newspapers about vacant waiting rooms and shrinking appointment books. While COVID-19 poses a valid concern, it’s important to not put your health on the backburner. If you’ve missed your regular appointments in recent months, or you have a current health concern, download the Jetdoc app and you can chat with a healthcare professional in minutes. There’s no commute, no waiting room, no exposure—and no excuses! Make it a goal this summer to put your health on the top of the priority list. Follow @myJetdoc on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to learn more.

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