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Curious about Telehealth?

I’m excited to announce that Jetdoc now offers virtual access to healthcare professionals to people in Florida. That’s right, see a medical professional for $20! Sign up and within minutes, you could be talking to a trusted health provider about upper respiratory concerns, skin conditions, diabetes complications, and more, without ever leaving your couch. With Jetdoc, a telehealth visit costs less than a night at the movies.

We decided to start in Florida for a couple of reasons. For starters, COVID-19 hit Florida especially hard, and we want to ensure that people are getting the care they need. Researchers have found that between mid-March and late June, visits to healthcare providers across the nation decreased by nearly 40 percent. One of my greatest fears is that, by delaying needed appointments, scores of people will face even more serious health conditions or complications down the line. As CEO of a virtual urgent care service, I want to do whatever is within my power to avoid that, so I’m extending this offer across the Sunshine State.

Not in Florida now, but planning to travel there soon? Go ahead and download our app to take the guesswork out of finding urgent care in a city you don’t know.

When and if you do sign up for Jetdoc (and, truly, you have nothing to lose!), you’ll learn firsthand why people everywhere are turning to telehealth services. Here are five of those reasons, from my own personal experience:

  1. Telehealth is affordable. I know I’ve already mentioned the price, but I want to demonstrate what a good deal Jetdoc is by looking at some numbers. According to insights from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the mean expense for an office-based physician visit in 2016 was $265. With Jetdoc’s $19-per-month subscription, patients pay nearly 14 times less than that for a single visit, and get unlimited access to healthcare professionals.
  2. Telehealth is quick and convenient. If you need to talk with a Jetdoc professional, it takes minutes. You simply download the app, sign up, and get connected. Compare that to the wait for an appointment with a doctor’s office: research shows it takes, on average, about 24 days to be seen, and after you travel to their office and sign in, the average wait is about 18 minutes.
  3. Telehealth is safe. As I mentioned, COVID-19 surged in Florida over the summer. And while cases have been declining lately, it’s critical that patients and healthcare providers take whatever precautions they can. Virtual visits allow patients to see a medical professional without ever setting foot in an office or waiting room.
  4. Telehealth is private. Privacy protection and data security are top priorities with Jetdoc, and the team uses the right tools to ensure that data is encrypted every step of the way. The security features adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requirements, which protect the privacy and security of certain health information; Jetdoc also complies with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act), and adheres to other national and international healthcare privacy standards.
  5. Telehealth is patient-centered. The nicest thing you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself. When you connect with a Jetdoc professional, he or she will put you at the center of the conversation and address your concerns, write or refill prescriptions (while also giving patients access to discounts of up to 85 percent savings on those prescriptions), and devise a plan of action. Then, you can go about your day knowing that you put your health first—and that gives you one less thing to worry about.

I created Jetdoc because I believe that everyone—insured or not—should have access to fast, quality, convenient healthcare. I hope you sign up so you can see what I’m talking about, as you experience your fastest doctor visit ever.

Ready to give Jetdoc a try? Download the app at the App Store or Google Play and subscribe today.

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