Curious about Telehealth?

I’m excited to announce that Jetdoc now offers virtual access to healthcare professionals to people in Florida. That’s right, see a medical professional for $20! Sign up and within minutes, you could be talking to a trusted health provider about upper respiratory concerns, skin conditions, diabetes complications, and more, without ever leaving your couch. With […]

5 Common Skin Conditions and Afflictions — and How to Get Help

Our skin helps keep us healthy. It protects us from germs, regulates our temperature and keeps us hydrated . But many times, our skin needs our help, too. In fact, one in three Americans will experience a skin disease, according to the National Institutes of Health. While a skin issue may feel uncomfortable and even […]

6 Things to Check off Your List before School Starts

This year, schools everywhere will look different than in the past. Some will be re-opening and welcoming students back, with new rules about masks and social distancing; others will continue to teach students remotely; and some will experiment with a hybrid model, blending in-person and online instruction. Whatever approach your school is taking, a new […]

7 Myths about COVID-19 Debunked

As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the nation—and the globe—so do myths and conspiracy theories. Healthcare professionals and scientists everywhere are working hard to dispel those myths and educate people on the facts. Below, you’ll find seven such myths about COVID-19, along with the truth, from health experts around the world. Myth: COVID-19 is like […]

4 Ways Make the Most of a Healthy, Socially Distanced Summer

The cruise to Mexico didn’t quite pan out; the kids’ camp is closed; the grandparents are keeping their physical distance. Summer will undoubtedly look different this year, as we take measures to keep ourselves and our communities safe from COVID-19. But there are still ways to make the most of those long days and hot […]

Telemedicine 101: Answers to 4 Questions about Virtual Doctor Visits

If you’ve been wondering lately “what is telemedicine?” you’re not alone. More and more patients have been discovering the safety and convenience of virtual health visits as COVID-19 changes the way we live and care for ourselves. According to FAIR Health, a non-profit that collects and analyzes health insurance claims data, telehealth claims skyrocketed by […]

Privacy is Critical in Telemedicine. Here’s How Jetdoc Protects It.

Patient privacy is essential, whether the patient visits a medical office or speaks with a health care professional virtually. Recently, in response to COVID-19, President Donald Trump deregulated different aspects of telehealth in order to expand access to remote health services. Because of that, the field has become more crowded and privacy and security protections […]